WARNING: this post consists of shitty poetry about god

O Yh! There are moans and talking. But what’s really going on? I don’t know. It’s got more texture than Nine Inch Nails. The voices’ whiny qualities are more excusable.
You walk across the swaying bridge
the drift left feels
like a swing but
the right snaps your
hands tightly around the rope
handrail/ the chasm’s fog is rising to meet you
a spark is heard from below
an injured bird

Pastries in my kitchen
rolling off my plate
Growing all sorts of hairs
sharp ones and curly ones
life in hell?

Amanda was trying out her free
Gym membership it was her second
visit the situp machine this place isn’t kept fresh enough
you’ll get used to the smell
it can be an excuse to get fonkay!
im just saying.
The file cabinet jumped in her face and said join me

My pencil sharpener is the jump off
its the crank
its the bomb isn’t it?
the shaving are trill
I scream blue scream
marching band attack

Being alone is kept company by the thoughts that
brought me here
being afraid of the future has turned it inside out
a minor dystopia that Im
going to hav

e to live through
A murky swamp battered anf poured into the chasm
from where I was make believing
to where I
it was the moment I feared
it was my knotted stomach and my shit
left unflushed just in time for the company to stop by and
check it out

I am the lack
My throbbing sound files are just as smothered
a severance unlimited to talk back to me about the involantary fears
how did i let the fear win? the general experience must serve it’s purpose
i must absorb the information and make a change and tell the
bloody truth

vineyard in the desert, will you tell me your dreams?
through god’s eyes ( which are what temperture?)
Though god’s garage i need to prove that my limpness
can bounce out of basement
can wash up and be account ed for

it will take a long time
dear fate, i will never know in advance if my love shall
return and shit like this wont scorcth this rotten park
i picnic in
i want to fly i want to not care what they think
until then i will fail
maybe afterwards just for kicks

mumrurs god: nigga please

f’real, god! Listen to my demo! She bang on the fear! I will bang on the fear today! No…
not that part… the other part… I will make a bang on fear sequence,
write it in my calendar just do it

god: ha ha ha fart, excuse me, fart, excuse me again
hold on for a second ( some real shit is going on in thailand right about now )
okay im back , so why dont you have any goals or that kind thing? because I want to do so many things that I can do nothing when i grow up
god: are you gay?
god: sounds like a yes to me
fuck off!

god: i’d fuck you
so anyway, me and god start fucking
that shit is intense! (god stinks)

god wants to take a shit in my mouth. i say okay that shit hurt.


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