i guess the dancing hipster (to hipster music) fad is on the wane, huh?

1) this lp mostly sucks. real disco this is not. the thought of what i think these guys look like all sweaty is gross. this would accuratley be called unsexy disco, but not in a dude-from-les-savy-fav way

2) this baseline is terrif. the song has lots of cusss words. FF

3) this song is okay. the sasmahphone is rad. the foreign lyrics are sexy (whoa now). the bubbly sounds are tasty. this song is calle DEAR CAN.

4)this song is called KING’S WEED. w=ha, another good song? NO, it’s a LUDE

5) this was the single after the ep (8)) and it’s self-referentail hook is plenty ass. I should write about KENNY DOPE’S DISCO HEAT 3CD MIXSET cause that is good and the black girls you want are more likely to dance along.

6) this is the sorts kinds r+b jump off (sorta kinda) i would like to hear these brothers live, moaning onstage like soulbrothers. PLUS, this time the cussines works. this’ called SHIT SCHEISSE MERDE, so i guess it’s just one cussy word. who cares?

7) this is 6) part 2. i need the instrumental for this. It sounds like primo. Sike, it sounds like mel-man (ha ha). shout out to mel-man! (ha ha) shout out to my mail man (and his well hung socks).

8) this is sort of like WHITE HORSE, but with a cathartic climax and “a message to rudy.” that’s special. i recommend the ep.

9) like a weird SEA AND CAKE cover, so i can fuck with it. this’ called THEME FROM SPACE ISLAND, and THE SEA AND CAKE rep hard for space island so it makes mad sense.

10) the dub version of 6).

SLEEVE dandy.


One Response to !!! LOUDEN UP NOW

  1. wizenhimlik says:

    you must never have seen these guys live! that would make you understand

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