el myr


1) A song that you can hear as seen through glass not flat, but with a calm pond’s surface. The hushed vocoded prayers sound like electro Tinkerbell.

2) A song about your patient conscience, gently urging you to consider the extraterrestrial opinion. See new and exciting things. Pajo sings.

3) Musty whispers tempt fate with piano.

4) This is where the title, “DIAL:REVENGE” comes from.

This Mogwai LP isn’t loudish like YOUNG TEAM or thin like COME ON DIE YOUNG-it’s melodic and brings a lantern to our pastoral insides. The strings and guitars here are secret garden lush.

5) This is what I think of as the Mogwai Sound-guitar rhythms growing over drumming. Midtempo trance jams more or less. This one is more floral. The sequencing of this Lp is on point. “You don’t know Jesus” is smack in the middle, linking the two halves of Rock Action. This serves to wash the listener for the coming burner, “2 rights make 1 wrong.”

6) LUDE vacuum vomit.

7) Glowing guitars and cymbals precede the keyboards and the horns, escorting in the gurgling cider and the bombast. Dave Fridamann produced this record. He’s worked with Mercury Rev, F Lips, Sleater Kinney, many more I forgot (I’ll be checking for that Quasi work), and the rep gets bigger.. Dude really does what we thought Nigel Godrich was going to. I wish that Pavement would’ve fucked with Fridmann instead. Maybe they’d still be here.. It is accurate to say that this sounds like magic.

8) The fireplace dies down. The people are outside. It’s snowing. It’s windy. The bodies are obscured in the whiteness.

This Lp is short and grand.

SLEEVE Plays its position. The transluscent images compliment the esoteric moods of the music.


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