1) With “FEEL IT IN THE AIR,” Sige gives us the weary man, wary of his untimely demise (he “feels it in the air”). Real Kafka. From the speakers come shitty horns and kitsch synthwork in our air. Thanks Heavy D. The fake music cannot hold up to the Sigel’s desparate tone.

2) The stress continues along Aqua’s mad superior accompaniment, providing a soulful compliment. Beanie kicks the real but ain’t out by himself-Freeway and Young Chris’ additions are strizzy.

3) “One Shot Deal” reminds you how absent hype joints are on this record. “Strech bodies out like recliners,” Redman seems to have streched before he hit the booth, sounding limber. Well, he never really lost it. It’s just the awful songs on his last two Lps give off that impression (Them Gilla joints stay cooking). No hook here. “One Shot Deal” satisfies, in a made-for-mixtape way.

4) Gay viking drums and hi-hats get it grinding. “I got to Have it”(Ed O.G. I see you) is the hypest joint on here. Peedi kills it (and he’ll steal the scene again later on). I swear I had heard a version sans Twista (?), cause that would be lovely.Twista seldom makes joints hype in a good way.

5) Is this beat garbage or what? The hand drums aren’t even sequenced on beat. Snoop gets his suck on. FF.

6) DJ Scratch on production. “Think I wanna go outsiiiide…In the [purple] raaiiin.” It might sound crazy, but this is one of the high points, although whoever resings the famous hook is quite suspect. After hearing this Lp-which is underwhelming- and Bun B’s-which was all over the place (overtly commercial for the underground king’s sound)- I realised these two need to ride together and see what would happen. This song has them really sounding great in concert like how The Roots’ Black Thought And Kast’s Dre would sound. BUN BEANS would be a good look in 2007. Too bad Pimp C’s freed..

7) Pause girl-“the rigger[‘s the] only thing I be hugging…I moved your ass into that furnished space [as if] you earned the place.” Therefore, be a kept woman and stop trying to spread love. He really goes Ricky D with this one. Young Chris mostly makes forgettable small talk.

8) Overproduced snozzer. FF.

9) People like this song. I dont like “Bread and Butter.” I am not feeling Just Blaze that often either. I see why people like it. Perhaps it’s too similar in tone to “Hey Joe,” and I don’t like that either.

10) Why would a dude calling himself ‘Ruggedness’ make such a powdered beat? “Lord have Mercy” alright-on your listeners!

11) “Flatline” is another dime. Peedi gets much love in The Sleg. This is the only Boola beat I fucks with.

12) B.coming softcore sexjazz. FF.

13) These drums are anemic. Remember those stories your grandfather told you when he was on his period/damn-near every month? Yeah, you might nod off to this song before he does.

14) Solid raps, solid beat, no fire. Happens all too often. Almost half of the songs on this album I can manage to enjoy. This isn’t one of them.

15) Bon Jovi? What is this? Heatmakerz?..Sige’s verse #2 is good though.


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