Shrink Rap (get it?)

Why do the uninitiated want to criticize Rhymesayer’s movement (yeah)? The youngish white girls, and boys for that matter, fuck with Atmosphere for the rap’s contemporary drama-laden content that does what modern country does for their rural counterparts-it speaks to them, FUBU stlye. I didn’t hear the wanna-be old guard (all under 30 though) discredit the steez back when folks were dubbing Headshots tapes. I had mixes with Slug, Eminem, and the Arsonists, and MOP repped. What ya’ll so mad at now? Raps about phenomena that hit closer to home than iced out medallions and having white (not her) in the coupe? Dude’s got skill, charisma, and vision that posits a new demographic. Or not? At the “underground” functions, since I’d been in attendance, white females always outnumbered all ladies of color. Except for when it was a hip hop-slash-poetry event. So, like Jada, I’m saying though, what ya’ll so mad at now?

In any case the independent movement at large is so decentralized now. Many of the folks that were dedicated to the pursuit of the unheard dope have moved on to other musics and working on being adults. The splintered scenes that don’t share ideas on any platform I’m aware of leads the worthwhile to often go unnoticed, which reinforces the opinion the indepenedent hip hop is played-out. The irony of today is that for all this internet and all these microlabels, just like in 1996, finding the good shit is not convenient. Well isn’t that funny! I used to travel to other cities to cop my records around the time Sandbox began. I’m still not much of an internet consumer.

1) I fucks with this beat. Good welcome back tune. The song itself would be fresher if Slug’s vocals didn’t dominate, competing with the music. Loud like KRS-ONE, and more wordy. Not that I mind dense lyrics per se.

2) Some of these joints have an unusual characteristic. You can hear that they’d work better at a concert-like they have worked live. This is a quality I notice mostly on older rap records. Ant’s beats are nuanced and vary in texture while Slug, not so much.

3) I’m not feeling this one. KRS could have flipped this beat though. Slug mostly reminds me of the blastmaster. Or Weezi F. The hook is weak.

4) This hits me on some deja vu shit. Slug hits us, dropping life sciences, especially on that nice second verse.

5) How does one distinguish an Ant beat? It’s hard; he flips may styles well. I don’t like the sung hook bit. On a song like this, with Sluggo singing and all, it ain’t hard to tell why his persona can unsettle the average rap listener. Not because isn’t a self-absorbed guy or anything.

6) Sounds like a Ghostface Beat circa Ironman. Those white girls can’t be possibly feeling this beat like I am (can they?).

7) “Flesh” revisited? This joint ain’t what it used to be. Te hook ain’t scaring nobody. i can visualize the toys in the audience eating it up. Slug is like MF in that utterly wack shit seldom comes out they mouths. I wonder, now as the jaw-droppers emerge less and less, are they just “sounding” like their older work, which was dope?

8) Some rap musician’s scope of what hip hop is and was grows with each passing year giving them personal touchstones that emerge intentionally or otherwise. My earlier noting of the variety found in Ant’s beats is due to this. Thusly, I keep hearing how other rappers would fit the beats that remind me of back then. This time I hear Kool G Rap or MC Eiht. The rap is giving us tales from the bar. And while I applaud songs with narrative, I admit that they usually suck to listen to.

9) This is a Doom beat (FYI I didn’t care for the beat Ant hooked up for the MM…FOOD 12” “Hoecakes”). Most DOOM songs nowadays are sans hook; thins song needs a better hook. Have one of your girls sing it for you next time.

11) Rest In Peace.

12) Another mild-mannered ill beat.

13) Another mild-mannered ill beat. Oh, who’s keeping it real?

I know that Atmosphere is keeping it true to themselves which I respect. I know they respect the artform. I think that with featured rapping from outside the RSE camp would do these records a world of good. It is time for a change-on their terms.

SLEEVE pretty good for them.

P.S. On the RSE sampler CD that’s included in my copy all the songs suck. That’s Blueprint, Grayskul, MF DOOM, I Self Divine, Brother Ali, P.O.S., Boom Bap Project, and Felt. Take that back-the Felt joint is okay. I still believe in BPrint, I Self, Ali, and DOOM though. I’m just sayin


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