Ben Folds Five meets Jamiroquai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Imagine the worst Quasi song, written about the future. He’s sings about how things will stay the same and/or develop by the year 2040. I noticed he doesn’t speculate as too the fate of his musical outfit. One listen and you don’t have to.

2) Remember that Ben Folds solo song about the tedium of everyday life with that nice little flourish and that so-so bridge. Yeah, that one. “It keeps me going in ways that I can’t explain.” Don’t try; you’ve said enough, John Ostby.

3) I’m told this our American generation isn’t going to financially beat their parents’ hi-score. Hella folks still live at home with moms. I put in my time as an old-enough-to-be-doing-better-than-that. Our hero meets shorty on the worldwide web, but feels it’s only right to come clean. So although I will never listen to “I Still Live At Home” intentionally ever again, I understand.

4) If the sound of Ben Folds and Jamiroquai
starting a band,BJ, gets you amped (bout it bout it yet?), Spymob is for you.

5) My oatmeal was overcooking.

6) My oatmeal has more flavor than this bland house party story. It’s a nice touch mentioning “the night is mild and a light jacket is enough.” Imagine lame Dismemberment Plan.

7) I’m really loving these separated-with-kids jams:
Sometimes I want to swing by
to check on her,
see how her week is going
but you disapprove
Other times I’ll call up
He picks up and
makes me feel like I’m intruding

You get to wake her every day
and we divide up national holidays
This month is highlighted yellow
with one box of blue

Last weekend I watched her in
a game I never knew she played
but she led the team
Afterwards I picked up
a schedule so that I could come
the next week secretly

It didn’t help things the last time I complained
Don’t want to upset her,
I try to explain
but you of all people should walk
one year in these shoes.

Can we at least be civil to one another?
She only has one father and one mother

Years ago you told me
you could not imagine life
without our little baby
Wouldn’t it tear you up too
if you can only see her
one day in thirty?

8) A daytripping tune all too taffy. FF.

9) Awww. When he says he’s “Thinking of Someone Else,” Ostby means his mom. The tender sentiments expressed on this Lp do a good job of keeping it real. What wer’e led to believe are his thoughts of infidelity actually are those of a boy longing for mama. The cord is never really cut, is it? However, suburban powerpop gets no play roud heah unless it’s transcendently dope.

10) FF.

11) Imagine Spymob ripping off The Sea and Cake. Yes, that would make this the only
song that sounds good.

SLEEVE cover is nice, standard insides.


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