I’m not part of the problem. Here’s a safe and musical alternative to BJ: HOT SHIT!

    Hot Shit

My Heather
You wear a heather sweater
You can breath underwater too
And you want me to drip too
I like you in an unfriendly way
The more you lie the better
My Heather

    Seven Years Gone

When the pivot came I stayed frozen
Didn’t think my future as a superstar was faking me out
Didn’t have the time
It felt like the last page when you realize that you didn’t understand what it meant
I try to not ask myself “what if?”
What if I had leaned more to the other side?
What’s done is done
Yeah, I actually broke an ankle

    Good Time Rock N Roll

Me and my ex-wife
Always interact in our own, different
Time and Space
I can never remember anything I say
I always regret what I say
I mean, am I so sick that she can’t even realize
What good times we could have?

    Master & Dog

The mole feels fat nowadays
The holes are much too snug
Ha has rug burn right above his peter
(which is no good)
It’s good for Stephen
With Twon so raw on his belly
He can’t really pound it comfortably

    Drunken Tears

From the Quasi song “Drunken Tears”:
But your gold turns to lead
As it goes to your head
And you cry drunken tears
Once again, my friend
So what if you’re not the genius
You always thought you were?
Nobody hears the brilliant words between your ears
And you cry drunken tears
Once again, my friend
And here’s some ancient truth
Drudged up from your youth-
A voice from way back when
Long lost, love that might have been
And you cry drunken tears again, my friend
Go Ahead
I don’t mind your drunken tears

    Sunshine Sounds

Even if the wake of the mob of sorrow
Gather for your autograph
Your bleedy eyes cut
Into a bad joke
That splits this annoying robeast

The ringing vibrations
Inside of you…victory?
So this is what it feels like
Or maybe I should quit

    Mama Tried

Look into the dark hallway long
With the walls arching a cupped ceiling
From the end of the hallway shines white
Light through the sweet manufactured fog
The further your steps take you the more
Silver shadows race in front of you
They are your shadows
From years ago
This is where they go
Why haven’t you followed them?

    No One

Gorgeous Outside and Inside. Perfect.

    White Devil’s Dream


    Good Times

This is blowing out a lot of that happy-go-hopeful indie melodrama suckers be pushing.

    Lullaby Part II

Wow. I didn’t think Sam Coomes would speak on moles too (this was written during my first listen of Hot Shit!).

Wow. This is my new favorite Quasi Lp, replacing Featuring “Birds”. The third and fourth song didn’t appeal to me. All else is beautiful. Expanding the breadth of sound served them well in my opinion.

SLEEVE more perfect


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