Doin’ it!
Because we like it
Doin’ it!
Just for fun!

Buddy Miles drums this up. This is the most dated song on the Lp. That’s because it sounds like “classic rock,” however injected with Soul Power©. This track has the funk mob coming around the mountain on Two white horses when she comes. Betta get on the dance floor-here she comes. A five minute introduction/warm-up.

2) Seems like more streching. Lyrics to this could be about anything, but it’s easy to imagine on “Smokey,” they singing about smoking

. Halfway trough Bernie brings the bass blobs to get you opener. The other half is a three minute vamp out. Definitley smoking something.

3) George Clint takes lead vocals on this tooty bopper. Tooty Bopper! If you got funk you got style stlye boppity! “GO HEAD GO HEAD” The way G.C. slithers out the word “aaassssss” just confirms his sexy beastiality.

4) “Hardcore Jollies.” Looking back, this starts out sounding something like disco. Then comes the rock hook, heavy guitar soloing with the ryhthm section & more solo & more fucking solo. GO HEAD!

5) “I would love the hell out of you, little girl.” Think Sly Stone. Groovy soul rock. A favorite.

6) Live version of “Cosmic Slop.” Dancehall bassline for that ass. Whistling.
“Space People/Universal Lovers.”
But always with a smile, she was sure to try to hide
The fact from us that she was catching hell, hey!

Late at night
Late at night
Calling me
I can hear my
I can hear my mother calling me
Late at night I hear my mother
Late at night I hear my mother
Heyyyyy ayyyyyy!

“I’m up in the club, shaking my dreds” to the nylon thigh zaps on the guitar, Doing the Cosmic Slop…

7) A hammock of synth sways in and out, rocking with the love. “You scared me, baby. You scared the love right outta me.” Lazers skate on through the bass fog. Their mythy verse framed in retrospective is about sexual relations. You know that the Soul Chorus is wailing like chuuch.

8) Bernie’s flight has you doing air guitar to his keyboards, not the guitar-hoarse by compare. In adolescent harmony they hump the crowd on bended knees, sweaty. Our Soul Chorus comments occaisionally like animatronic birdies on the telephone wires:

dee dah dah-da..dah-da dah-da da, da


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