Certified. This is approved for playing, in full, during sex acts.

1) The intro. Swollen horns in a Soul Train line to a 30something idea of a fresh beat.

2) Swatting at them Cot Damn flies, Beerbelly Bass on the porch with Gossipy Piano.

Gossipy Piano: You hear what Bessie May done gone an did?
Beerbelly Bass:You bring any beer?
GP:Naw. Well anyway, she done fount Lil Mark, in the bed, wit some city gal –
BB: City…
GP: – wit her station wagon parked in d’back. She chase Lil Mark outside, still nekkid, and shoved his ass in the rain barrel
BB: Who tol you?
GP: I seent it.
BB: Naw.
GP: Well, lemme finish She mussa brought his pistol outside wid her; erbody heard her
shooting it. Rollo said she got his in that gal’s car – wet & nekkid, now – into town. I was inside when she shoved him out right front Champagne’s!
BB: Damn
(Beerbelly used to chase skirts in Champagne’s)
GP: So I seen’t Lil Mark out the’a, lookin a fool. All them ladies come out gigglin him out, boy!
BB: Damn. What done happen to that city gal?
GP: Tha’s why I brought her ova heah. Man, I know you stay in some liquor,
nervtaxmeifnsIgotbeersht. Fount her hitchin on
the side of the street. Turn’s out we been
knowing each other.

3)This song is so pretty. Woman in aquarium as metaphor for ___________________. Fine job seeing as how most of this downtempo, singing over beats, breed is ashy and knock-kneed.

4) Mellow Spiritual Groove Joint. With Introspective drums mazing. Oh. And the horns are all over this Lp. Maybe Downbeat could describe the different tones and colors.

5) Veiny organ punches in the irie waltz. Balloons and butterflies switch in the skies, front the clouds – in the bathroom with you in the tub. Ballroom bath.

6) Meshell was wise not to sing this one; insufficient would be the transfer of heat from the written to the spittin. Cassandra Wilson unwraps the sultry lines of steamy tea. Brandon Ross playing his part on guitar.

7) Cursive grafitti. Something like the moth’s lightbulb dance.

8) I needed to have the instrumental at the end of this one. Lalah’s voice does my body wrong. That bass is very necessary. It is the throat.

This is a sort of produced Lp (The Chronic, Beneath the Surface). Bob Power (A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots on production, engineer. Many talented players on this recording. I had listed them all to have that long introduction lost with a crash….nuff respect.

SLEEVE job well done.


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