A promotional excersize/mixtape to get the anticipation going for RBG. This probably didn’t spark the hot sales, but I’m just as likely to bump as I would the two Columbia Lps.

1) LUDE. R.B.G. (red, black, and green/ revolutionary but gangsta) motivation.

2) DPz have underperforming ears for beats. This is good enough though. It also appears on their second proper Lp, R.B.G, as “Radio Freq.” By virtue of the cut’s theme, it’s this tape’s almost-title track.

3) Over Buckwild beat, Black Rob’s “Whoa.” Now the hook is “War!” For example, they spit, “police on yo’ block, that’s WAR!”
Oh boy!

4) Aaliyah’s “We need a Resolution” flipped into, of course, “We need a Revolution.” This one doesn’t feel quite so right.

5) Over Biggie’s “Juicy.” Another quick dose of the agitprop with a beat we all can agree on.

6) LUDE. “Dr. Huxtable, help us build a hospital.” They’re asking rich blacks to invest in their program. I guess they ain’t heard of Oprah’s Angel Network. And let’s assume they know Dr. Huxtable is a sitcom dad

7) I don’t recognize the beat on this joint, “Food, Clothes + Shelter Pt. 2.” Sell your necklace to feed people. That’s what’s up. “What cho colors is?”

8) This shit is hot too. This sounds like a DP beat, but hotter. Talk of “them sellout niggggaz married to them whitegirls.” stic.man just “nut in they mouth instantly.” I feel that, but not the idea that interracial love necessitates selling out, betraying your identity. It don’t take a white girl to make that happen.

9) With Boots of The Coup. Now this is what a dead prez (and plenty Coup joints for that matter) beat usually sound like – rather lame. If they had Dr. Dre it’d be crazy. Fuck Gorilla Unit. And fuck folks who enjoy hearing black men refer to themselves as primates.

10) Another keyboard banana peel. This joint is calling out flag wavers and other hypocrisy. “George Bush is way worse than Bin Laden is” is the hook. Holler if you hear ’em. Word to Noam Chomsky.

11) Hot one. Inna roots stylee too. With more wolf sound effects (yeah that’s dope). Don’t need rapping on this one, however. They ruin this one for me. Who is that singing, Warrior King?

12) The club joint/club criticism. Fuck a dress code. Fuck a $25 cover. Fuck a bougie caste system. Fuck rent-a-cops..

13) Beatnuts beat. Not a good one. One of the Havoc-strings peels. And you know the talk is on some spark the revvi-rev. FF.

14) LUDE (I’m slipping – who did this?)

15) A drug joint that keeps it real – dudes ain’t really making bank off this shit. Leave that shit alone… well at least promise never to narc out who sold it to you. Are you reading Don Diva??

16) LUDE. What’s up with dude from Cameo giving drops on this?

17) Covering the music of Blondie’s “Rapture.” FF.

18) “Hip Hop” over a played out Busta of Flipmode instrumetal. FF.

SLEEVE strizzy


2 Responses to DPZ/dead prez, TURN OFF THE RADIO: THE MIXTAPE: VOLUME 1

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  2. sdgsdg says:

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