1) LUDE.

2) E-40 raps like an electrified fruit by the foot. The sound of this Bay beat typifies quintessential early nineties. “Shake my paw.”

3) I don’t know what to say…I love your fat ass! It’s freaks like this – bringing the pain through the cracks of the mind’s eye, filling the red roots spread around our irises.

4) I don’t come from nothing. When you believe you do, something happens in your mind that changes ones understanding of the something you think you never had. And the nothing you came from, provided you got skills, makes something magic for those who commiserate and those who can picture it inside the flow. “Rat drippings inside my shoes,” and he gives his shitstains a shoutout. Shit is drastic. This songs drips of more than the yearning to escape the reality of your surroundings, but to ZOOM. It could possibly answer the questions “why the fuck he rap like he got a train of thought tackling surreal endzones,” and, “why you think he name hissef after malt liquor?”

5) They “talking more shit than colitis.” I don’t listen to the bay funk that often. These brides of funkenstein banshee this out nicely. I probably had to be there – it’s strizzy.

6) Here here! A toast to them jugs of Carlos Rossi! This is a ‘93 cut, which means you can understand what 40’s saying at first listen. I can hear this beat as a Souls of Mischief b-side. The liquor store clerk was “damn-near ready to hug [E-40],” he’s such a good customer. He says dropped a G in a week copping CR wine. By my calculations, that would’ve bought 175 bottles. Hyphie!

7) A song from The Hall of Game. That record has one of the most pretty covers I ever done seen. Rap Pages was a goldmine of gorgeous advertisements back in the day, though – hard not to love ‘em all! “Rapper’s Ball” is a jam you’ll find welcomed at gatherings of the self-proclaimed “grown and sexy.” That man Ant Banks offers that sweet lysol cake for the throat-veins of Jodeci’s K-Ci to pop out to. Too $hort does his usual Shortdog bit as well. Reasons enough to make the Best-of tape. What’s upper?!!?

8) However, it’s Studio Ton’s sound I imagine when E-40 comes to mind. This is “Captain Save-A-Hoe.” From my experience, most women don’t wait around waiting for their luck to change – most people do! Let’s save ourselves this time…

9) “I hope I don’t go back to slangin’ yayo to get my maaaaiiiiiil ( it rhymes).” This is one of my favorites. I grew to run this CD running errands down south in summertime.

10) It’s “Sprinkle Me,” Earl Stevens’ best known song. Mr. Stevens’ a work of art, so human like you or me behind closed doors, “OOH OOH OOH (UOH UOH!)!” Suga T has a great presence coming from your speakers. It’d be nice to hear a Mia X/Suga/Gangsta Boo joint.

11) Rick Rock circa hyphie prototype shit. I wish Fabolous and 40 did a tag-team rap on this one, playing up the rap contrast. The hook is faking the funk. FF.

12) Rick Rock circa a hot Rick Rock beat (‘04). Those Federation dudes are rather gorgonzola in a wet sock in the middle of the street. One of them gets off with “ digging in my nose and giving you a handshake.” It’s the best they ever spit/snot. And yes, I heard their trifling Lp.

13) Featuring Bone Crusher. FF.

14) A Supa Dave West (Prozack Turner, De La, Kweli, Medina G, Planet Asia) production with Lil’ Mo on the hook and “having [his] back[ground vocals] like chiropractors.” Gift of Gab gets so much of his recent stylings from dude. Perhaps 40 water feels Gab as well. More than the purely shit-talking song, E shines when its time to ruminate on everyday shit or conversate with ladies. “Thick & Thin” is nice like that. He asks his female, when another female comes at him wrong, will she “scratch her up” for him. Real talk.

15) Jake One (G-Unit, De La, Vast Aire, Gift of Gab) comes through with more wack shit. This time he puts a ragga gentleman in the mix. FF.

9/15 ain’t bad.

SLEEVE strizzy



  1. True words, some truthful words dude. You made my day!!

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