1) Begins akin to Panasonic. I’m thinking of the four-disc LP they dropped. This rocking chair I sat in. I made up a dance to go with it. The new dance is called OGRE BREASTS or OGRE EYES or OGRE KNEES or OGRE BOWTIE.

2) This is space ghost house.

3) This torn beat with cymbals has got what it takes to make me dance among the white people. Words are rhymically sung and polite howling is whats really rad.(Video)

4) The Sitek (of TVONTHERADIO) influence is present. TV on the R songs can run in place, in front on the projector screen. Try as I might, my enjoyment of such music is limited. My loss, I know.

5) Wu Tang/Bardo Pond blends? Where are the Awol-one/James Iha? This song makes me imagine putting the slices of potential to good use. This could be how Radiohead has been sounding. Yep.
“Take your cauldron and get down.” I’m with that. “Fly, fly/ The devil’s in your eye…Shoot shoot…We’re doomed…Kingdom Cooooooome.”

By now the song is a Buddhist Beastie Boy jam. Too bad. Why waste “take your cauldren and get down?” I bet the guy who left the band feels me on this one.

6) Is that blue-eyed funk I smell? All that shit is just Jon Spencer with synths and speed. Good thing it’s short.

7) Stormy atmosphere…handwriting…maybe the rough draft of a spell…primative drumming. I mean ‘early stages of development’ primative – not traditional African styles.

8) Side B for the vinyl. “Choke choke, the devil we evoke…DIE DIE.” FF.

9)This beat sings to me.

10) I’m usually a sucker for organ (pro homo). As the vamp begins and the bird sings into a new day the bell tolls for me. FF!

This LP had no witchy narrative I saw. This is suposed to be a concept record, fucking liars. You could call the sounds spooky, I guess.

SLEEVE The cover is warm and right. The pages in the booklet are shooting 50%. Printing the thank-yous on the disc itself? GANGSTA GANGSTA (whatever that means nowadays).


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