1) Will remind you of OK Computer, espescially “Paranoid Android.” Don’t you crave more Bends-era Radiohead?

2) The dashing number. Dance Jazz. If the piano was a synthesizer this would be electro. It’s sweeter ’cause it’s not. This is rocking out.

3) A sprawling stroll through a garden as the breeze blows and a pretty person sneezes. It feels like rain. Underpinned by old-fashioned jazz motifs that make it seem like an old baguette you’ve attended to. You threw it near the pansies twenty minutes ago and the ducks are just now pecking it apart. The stale and animal.

4) This is written by the drummer’s itchy fingers; it can’t sit still. The themes that cycle are all uninteresting in their own ways. The title implies backward movement. Guessing this would play better in reverse.

5) This tune is a premiere contemporary work of music, shitting ideas – using our ears as TP. Grease!

6) End-to-end ballad burner. Realizing how much bigger the world feels without love or hope.

7) This song’s in response to the fallen pillar that preceded it. The busted bits snap out of it, “shake it off (I see you, Mariah),” and the wind’s at their busted backs. These dozers start building something, as seen on TV (Fraggle Rock).

8) The process of setting up the mirror so that you can finally (procrastination) see that hard-to-reach rash. Should take it to the doctor? How soon will it go away on its own?

9) Familiar theme song with jazz hands. Probably fun to hear live.

10) Like an outro. Contains a screwed-down element of that song that goes “duh duh d’dumdum, duh duh d’d- nevermind. just get at me if you know what it is.

The song titles are dope.

SLEEVE Satisfying, yet unbefitting the music – in a good way, mildly. The “bonus” David Rees comix within are much on point.


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