1) Lude

2) Killer Mike (I misspelled, it read Killer Milk. snigger.) ups us on what happened, who stole from/was influenced by the Dungeon Family: “Dre gone,” Lil’ Jon, the phrase ‘dirty south’, Pharrel, the Source Magazine, Bobby Valentine..interesting.

3) Lude.

4) First up is a dude who sounds like T-Rock. One in the same? T-Rock had a joint on 666 Mafia’s Choices soundtrack, “Slang and Serve.”(ED- T-ROCK). Either way it’s good to hear a dude that sounds like him. Everybody else is wack (Big Boi, Killer Mike, C-Bone). Beat is strizzy in the club but I’d rather listen to “I’m Sprung.”

5) Lude.

6) A sucky Sleepy Brown soul song that sounds like it needs a better melody and a better hook.

7) Lude.

8) Standard now-sounding ATL filler. The “Body Rock” hook would sound like fi’ if the beat wasn’t throwaway. Killer Mike comes off a bit and Donkeeboy has a flow that has mad potential.

9) This is a DF song. Well produced, adventuresome synth-wave that pops its chest with horn stabs and twerk drums. Killer Mike and that Boi make a great pair especially on a well-made song.

10) Nate Wonder (who?) brings a sweeping of afternoon soul sung by Scar (who?) that is on some grown-and-picnic shit. Scar sounds a bit like Rapheal Saadiq, which is a good thing.

11) Lude.

12) When Bubba Sparxxx gets loose with Organized Noize shit is over!! This is the first song that got me wanting an ass front my dick in the club. “I got a cave bitch/ she a cheerleader/ split a 12 wit’ ‘er – she lick this here peter.” Too bad he doesn’t have the cut to himself – Killer M (yeah, he’s all over this record) and Cool “watch for the hook” Breeze don’t fuck up the flow thankfully (it couldv’e gone either way). Extra p’s for being about the Claremont Lounge. You need this one.

13) Did Cutmaster Swiff do that classic So So Def All Star song, cause this is a love song over that beat, or an interpolation thereof. Janelle Monae (who?) sings. Her voice is nice enough – THE song isn’t.

14) Lude.

15) The attempts at diversification is what’s fucking it up. Organized Noize pulls out the other unqualified dope song. Bonus – it’s Goodie M.O.B.!! All four of ’em! Sounds like Soul Food. Terrific.

16) Who the fuck is feeling this spazz flinstone-beat shit? It’s not next shit. Neither is Big Boi’s speedy steez. Bun B does sound nice over it… Bi

17) Lude, Fonzworth B.

18) Your boy Scar comes through with that Mary J 411 strain of dope r&b soul. Shit is nice. Dear Common Sense, your boy Cee-Lo is killing that spoken word flow. I mean, usually that shit is inappropriate. Here it’s the way Luda slides up to a r&b jawn and slips in with slickness, but with that spoken word flow.

19) Konkrete song. FF

20) Janelle Monet back crooning over some fake-ass Off The Wall rollerskate jam.

21) Lude

22) Both Konkrete songs were placed at the end because they are both FF

23) Lude

I wish the DF the best. Bubba Sparxxx and Scar hold the most promise. Hopefully their LPs come out before the imprint folds.

SLEEVE: Pitiful ribbon. I mean, just look at it. what is that, gouache?


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