Cat Power, You Are Free

1) This one goes out to the fans who don’t want to share music – they want to take music. I don’t blame her for feeling this way. Not like I care (nearly as bad as rappers rapping about their careers).

2) Cat power proposes we “come together,” as opposed to the behaviors illustrated in 1). “Let’s be free” is making music and enjoying it. I don’t want to love this tune. Yet, I applaud the earnest rock sprout. I need the instrumental for this one.

3) She ain’t never lied. Not this time. With TV & books, I’ve heard of people who meet the willing suspicion of disbelief with a willing suspension of belief. People stop watching/reading/walk out of the theatre. That way, the message of a given media is altered, appealing to the editor’s liking; the original message of a work can be transformed by the beholder’s agenda. And this occurance is not confined to works of art. “Good Woman” deals with works of heart. People truncate relationships for the same reasons. While the person remains dear to the deserter, the love that shows signs of transformation (predicted to be for the worst) can be preserved in abortion. The pains of separation do not sour the memories she is able to leave with. She loves who you are, not what you’re becoming. Hurts either way.

4) Cute how “Speak For Me” doesn’t speak to me. FYI, Dave Grohl on drums (and bass on this joint) for about 4 cuts. Eddie V. on the last joint.

5) Sad how we all are monsters and we all sob for our fate. Sad how I wish I liked the way this song turned out.

6) I’ve got work to do. We all do. Maybe I should read a self-help book to understand and

“a direct hit of the senses/ you’re disconnected” and shed the fool of life.

7) “He War” rocks. Halfpipe of lyrics. Like a spoon digging a grapefruit. HE WAR!

8) FF.

9) Is Kim Gordon listening?

10) C.P. keeps it real on the wax:

We all can be free

Maybe not with words

Maybe not with a look

But with your mind

We don’t have a thing

So we’ve got nothing to lose

Remember one thing

A dream you can see

Pray to it be

Shake this land

11) I encourage all to make time to listen to this song. It’s calles “NAMES.”

12) How artful it is put: the woman you try to romance with things will never wholly love you because she desires spirit.

13) Huh.

14) Double huh.

Chan Marshall’s songwriting is an important gift. It’s soul music.

Sleeve: excellent


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