1) Yeah, Q-tip “fucked-up my head” when i heard his 1st verse on this lp. It was sloppy and betrayed the skill he claims folks needn’t test. I don’t know what kind of orange juice he thought he was drinking, or in what way Phife believed it enabled his “getting loose.” In any event the result of such nonsense is non-rewarding rap music. Minute Maid is made by Coke-let – it go. Chorus is wack, so is Consequence. Phife Dog grabs his “crutch” (ha).

2) Nice. Initially I wasn’t feeling the J Dilla influence on this beat. This is a banger. That ethereal dust clapped-up with choice drums (definitely not the “illest drum rolls” though) is the flavor. Tippi Songrocking brings the content-lite rimes, “rhymin’ ass creature” that he is. Helps that Phifer “jumped back inside his shell.”

3) Ah, that old boom bap. When the key taste comes in at first you didn’t rilly feel like this is that flavor cause olboy ain’t the flavor. For what it’s worth, this is Quencey at his best. I doubt his g.o.o.d. output will impress (Common’s didn’t).”Can’t fron on da Triiiiii”… whatevs.

4) I guess these are the sounds of early Dilla; “he’s jus doin his thing, yo, he’s jus havin fun.” “Street sharks and alligators” prolly don’t have much in the way of desireable oral (snigger). I’m nearly certain my ’96 assesment balked largly due to the hollow, airy, nature of the lp’s sound. This record hits the palate differently because the funk has been scraped away. Not Kool N th Gang stylee, but Prinse Pawl’s De La funk. The narrative is blah. Hearing Tip play drunk was weird.

5) This narrative however, is compelling because this is the other side of the game. For all the raps of balling superhoes (hoe being a promiscuous person, regardless of gender)that exist, the sobering consequences of the lifestyle are not often enough spit upon in contemporary rap. Depicting sex acts’ spiritual connection is a liability. This song is better digested considering the vocals come from a character, not Q-tip the rapper. That said, I don’t care for first person stream-of-conscience-turned-outburst writing style. Well, not here at least.

6) A tired Tribe mission statement with scratched introduction quoting self-referential pieces of Tribe music. “Raw topics” are not addressed.

7) Altough rehashing a popular hook from your back catalog can be either spirited revisitation or the lack of a better idea, rarely is it the former. With a lady on your song declaring that you’ve “got it goin on” awkward self-congratulation makes you look the ass.

“Noice” represents an inflection that can never stay the flavor. For all the strizzy groove’s bop, the song is a flag waving the message: another 1nce mighty rap team falters… 1NCE AGAIN.

8) Does Quencey find “shattering” the “wet dreams” of others a worthwhile usage of “Mind Power?” And how? Phife mentions the Berenstein Bears.

9) I believe Dilla had a hand in naming the songs. Slum Vill’s Fantastics and his own records seem to not give a second thought what these shits git called. Granted, in this instance, this song’s chorus warrants the handle.

10) Tip the defensive..This one aged really well. A Hiero shoutout is what’s up. Maybe I did like this one to begin with.

11) Banginest beat on this shit. That instrumental is a dime. Shirley Chisolm props are what’s up too. He also shouts out Tip for the beat. Makes you wonder…

12) I remember liking this cause I could still hear the Midnight in this. The brevity keeps it from sucking. So does Phifelessness (I’m sure he’s a great guy).

13) Good beat marred by dumb talking. I need the instrumental of this.

14) Reminds me of Oganized Noize, who were inspired by Tribe. Very ATLiens, which makes me happy. Word play – what this joint sleeps on.

15) Unfortunate crossover that begat Gangstarr’s r&b joints.

The many faults of this record tell a story of the mid-nineties rap climate sea change. Trying to stay vital, and stay together brought exposure both to Dilla and his great productions to come. Along came the end of an era, which’s sucking overshadowed the qualities of the music at the time of release.

SLEEVE: I had the shaky-image limited cover back in the day. Both that and the standard version are ugly. Tribe covers are usually ugly, Low End Theory the one exception.


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